Minako RIP

Minako came to London from Japan in 1993, taking a course at Goldsmiths College where she met All Crews chief designer Nadine Gahr. Minako dropped out after a year and moved to NYC which didn’t suit her much. Her regular letters to Nadine and other mates in London turned into her first comic series. Tabloidism.

I met Minako in summer 1998, in New Cross during All Crew Muss Big Up’s last production days. The atmosphere in that house on the Old Kent Road full of creative people was special and crazy.

I asked Minako to draw a special edition of Tabloidism recording us producing All Crew during those hectic days and nights before the printer arrived. Minako would stick her head around the door of the Apple Mac room and record the whole scene in her own way.

Whilst putting together All Crews in early spring 2004, Minako asked, “Please keep me in book.”

“Of course.” I replied.

Tragically, Minako was killed in whilst cycling to work in Berlin. So All Crews is partially dedicated to her – alongside John Peel another person who was taken from us far too early. All Crews changes with every version but Minako and her avatar will always be included.

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