As well as evoking the passion and energy of the music, the book is strong on the politics of jungle and the way it has interacted with racial issues over the years.Time Out

As colourful and vibrant as the scene it’s about. Brian Belle-Fortune clearly knows the scoreDJ Fresh

All Crews is the REAL source for tales from the drum & bass side – the D&B bible.Bailey

Fuckin’ ill man, Fuckin’ ill. It was heavy man. Heavy! Enough tings were dealt with clinicallyMC Navigator

I’ve finally finished All Crews, cover to cover. Thank you for the tears, laugh-out-loud moments and goose bumpsTali

All Crews is a genre defining read, cataloging the scene from the deepest darkest corners. A true source of historical inspiration!Jay Frenzic (ATM magazine)

You were obviously there man. Not like some journalist who just parachuted in.Kyan Survivors

Such a heavy book. Wasn’t old enough to rave in the mid ’90s but some of the stories in this book made me feel like I was thereJake Snows, Beirut

I had this book 10 – 15 years ago. Lent it to someone and never got it back. I’m so looking forward to reading it againVali Nme Click, Berlin

Quality read!Nyra Ebanks, UK

Such a good book.Patrick Artuso, Karlsruhe

Can’t put it down!! Great bookOllie Holder, London

“All Crews is a great book. I’ve gifted it many times. Respect!”Raf Salvador, NYC

“Every time I read it I feel like requesting another updateRoss Aitken, UK

“Love this book. I’ve taken it on every overseas trip I go on. Never gets old”Jason Magic, UK

This is a journey into the hearts and minds of the people that matter in drum & bass, no one else has come close to exposing the soul of jungle music. If you think you love music you need this book!Tony Colman (Hospital Records)

It’s obviously the definitive book on Jungle Drum & BassIan Gittins, Senior Music Editor, Virgin

The most informative guide and history of drum & bassDJ Storm