All Crews’ YouTube Selects

While streaming platforms are the most accessible way of discovering new tracks, if you want to dig for rare old record box gems or exclusive VIPs from barely-known bedroom producers, youtube channels are a great way of finding unique, off-grid tracks.

While the audio quality will always be limited due to YouTube’s formatting, you can pretty much always finds links to buy tracks/records in the comments and support the artists. If you’re sick of Spotify algorithms locking down your exposure to new tracks, these channels are a great free way of discovering new music to purchase and download, curated by a real human beings.. and massive Jungle Drum and Bass heads.

A channel with a keen ear for obscure remixes and edits from some of the most exciting names in contemporary Jungle Drum and Bass, Tim Reaper’s edit of Sully’s ‘‘Verité’ is a channel highlight you’ll struggle to find on Spotify.

This elusive, anonymous channel from Sheffield uploads weapons from all across the UK dance music spectrum, with selected playlist from Hardcore to Bassline and of course Jungle Drum and Bass.

A channel from New Zealand, Mickey uploads all sorts of hidden gems and vinyl rips, though he definitely specialises in Early Jungle Drum and Bass and Old Skool Breaks.

A scene stalwart for bass culture and news, as you’d expect DRUMANDBASSARENA’s YouTube channel is a consistent source of excellent uploads from mainline rollers to furious revivalist Jungle tracks.

With uploads ranging from furious techno to modern Jungle and speedy breakbeat experiments, if it’s fast and elusive you might find it on Fern’s channel.

Rumour has it All Crews publisher Velocity Press and Planet Wax might be starting their own selection channel soon too as well..