All Crews: Roll Call

If you hadn’t already heard, we’re recording writing from both the original and updated All Crews as an audiobook! We’re keeping it as authentic as possible, with many sections being read by the writers/DJs that wrote them. But the world of Jungle Drum & Bass is full of so many characters though that we’ve had to draft in a few other voices to help us paint a vocal patchwork of our scene.

In my most recent blog post we’ve announced a full roll call of everyone who’ll be reading All Crews. Whether you’re featured in the book, or curious about the narrators behind the upcoming edition check out the cast list…

And On The Line-Up Appearing As Themselves:
DJ Rap
Paul Ibiza
Nicky Blackmarket
Miss Pink
DJ Bailey
The Ragga Twins
DJ Flight
Mantra & Double-O ~ Rupture
MC Blackeye
MC Chickaboo
Sarah Groove Connection
Tanya UMC
Tony Colman ~ London Electricity
DJ Chef ~ Kool FM/All Crews
John B
EZM ~ Origin FM
DJ Zoe Promo Zo ~ BassDrive/Kool FM
DJ Bumblebee ~ Berlin
Lady Flava ~ Rude FM
Uncle Dugs ~ Kool FM/Rinse FM
Lenny Levice ~ BBC Radio One
Nathan X and XĪLHU ~ Unorthodox
MC Tali
Donavan ~ BassDrive
Brian Jawa ~ Everyday Junglist

All Crews:
James Burns, Staunch, Greg Francis, Richard Puplampu, Josie T, Ana Trif, Anna Sapagina, Anna Iceland, Dr Chris Christodoulou
Balmit, Luigi, Dan ~ Fenix Productions

Narrated by
Navigator, Julia Topping, Ńev, Promo Zo


Written By:
Brian Belle-Fortune

With Contributions From:
Rob Smith, Julia Topping, Anu Shama, Navigator, Daniel Ebertz, and Dr Chris Christodoulou