6 Mixes from across the Atlantic

While the UK’s small size has meant a tight-knit, but countrywide Jungle Drum and Bass scene has always thrived, on the other side of the Atlantic, in Canada and the US it’s not been quite so easy..

While there are tonnes of committed heads across the North American continent, promoters, punters, DJs and MCs had to travel much further to connect with each other. However, even before internet radio stations (like Bassdrive) began to remove these barriers, there has always been a rich, if more spread-out, scene across Canada and the US.

Here are a few mixes from DJs past, present and future based all over the continent that I’ve discovered so far in my journey through North American Jungle Drum and Bass:


Boston native Mizeyesis has been spearheading contemporary jungle on the east coast, rinsing out nights all over Connecticut, Massachussets, New York, Maine and Boston. She’s also seen support in the UK from Mantra and Flight’s EQ50 program, and she’s the US boss of the North American collective DNB Girls, that originally started in Canada.

In this mix for the Everyday Junglist Podcast based out of Austin, Texas, Mizeyesis lays down a blend of both heritage Jungle Drum and Bass cuts from older names like Photek and Dillinja, and modern breakbeat experiments from current scientists Forest Drive West, and Sully.


Hailing from Detroit, US Techno ground zero, It’s no surprise Sinistarr’s own productions are a potent, mechanical strain of Jungle Drum and Bass, shot through with industrial, metallic tones and techy Footwork-esque punch. With releases on some of Jungle Drum and Bass’s most prestigious labels like Metalheadz, Hospital and Hooversound however, he has established himself across North America and internationally.

This mix sees him move from old school euphoric breaks all the way through to contemporary Jungle-Footwork and ominous, foreboding Neuro.


A Toronto sergeant of the DnB Girls collective, Remedy is always on hand to roll out the dark and haunting side of Jungle Drum and Bass, at home over 170bpm. Remedy’s proved herself supporting the likes of Mampi Swift and Ray Keith, and is a modern staple of Canadian Jungle Drum and Bass.

Remedy ยท Reflections Mix

In this smooth mix Remedy moves through silky rollers built around haunting vocals.

DJ Dara

One of the crew behind Breakbeat Science, one of the first Jungle Drum and Bass specific record stores in New York, DJ Dara has been known as a godfather in New York’s rich Jungle Drum and Bass scene since the early Konkrete Jungle days.

In this classic mix CD from 2002 Dara laid down plenty of soulful yet technical rollers dominated by planted, steadfast 2-step rhythms.


Proof that the city’s reputation as one of the biggest hubs of Jungle Drum and Bass outside the UK is under no threat, Rumbleton is another Torontonian DJ/Producer churning out thundering, Rupture-approved tracks and mixes.

In this mix he wheels out an Amen-heavy selection with plenty of eerie pads in it for Canadian promoters Last Planet.