ALL CREWS INTERNATIONAL! For our new blog series we’ve linked up with the Everyday Junglist Podcast to chat to some crews around the world about their favourite sounds, records and events.

First up we’re off to Japan…



Ruff-and-ready Jungle or rolling Drum & Bass, which do you prefer to play and why?
Now, my favourite is Jungle. When I first recognised and listened to Jungle, I thought, “This is it!” I used to be a dancer and I think the amen break is an important element that connects DJs and dancers. Of course I also like Drum n’ bass, I especially like Halftime and Minimal tracks.

What do you listen for when selecting tracks for your sets and mixes?
When choosing Jungle, I often choose tracks with thicker bass lines and more complex drum patterns. I basically like the current jungle, it allows me to try new things and new producer’s tracks. There aren’t many DJs in Tokyo who mainly use Jungle, so I’d like more recommendations for massive tracks!

Which other DJ’s in your area do you love playing events with?
MC CARDZ, Dx(soi), Submerse, 100mado, GROW THE CULTURE, なかむらみなみ, FELINE, K8(TYO GQOM), MaL(Part2Style), TEITEI, Hype Sync Records… I’ve go too many favourite DJs!!!!!!!!!

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Who are some of your favorite artists that you include in your sets?
Humb, Aaron Spectre, Secret Squirrel, Sixteenarmedjack, Rhygin, General Malice, FeyDer, Sariuo, NoB and my Jungle bootleg

What do you listen for in tracks to put into your sets or mixes you’re creating?
Groove and View of the world, roots and culture, a little bit of sadness and philosophical Insight. I’m not aware of it, but people often tell me my sounds are hardcore.

Who are the dj’s in your area that you love playing events with?
Tribal Connection Crew, DJ 101, I love the Jungle music they play!

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Sarina Tokihara

Sarina Tokohira

Which other DJs have inspired your selection since you started mixing?
When I first started DJing, it was “London Elektricity”. I learned what a DJ is and how to impress people when DJing in front of them. Recently, it’s Alix Perez. He showed me, it’s okay to go to 140 or 85, this overturned my preconceived notion that the BPM shouldn’t be changed.

Three tracks you love and always include in your mixes?
1.Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing
2.Visages & Monty – Familiarity
3.dBridge – True Romance

What do you listen for when digging for tunes to play out?
I love the undulating bass lines that you can feel with your body!

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Give us the debrief on GROW THE CULTURE.
GROW THE CULTURE is an underground collective based in Tokyo. They place great importance on sound system encounters and nightclub moments, and we have music and merchandise coming too. The dance music scene in Japan is not big, but we are doing this to keep the music we love alive, with the hope that we can shape the future of dance music.

Tell our readers about the music you produce and where people can find your music.
I am constantly exploring the endless possibilities of breakbeats and the experimental nature of Jungle music. I mainly release from an independent label on bandcamp, Persona non Grata, and I have a few global releases coming up.

Do you prefer the process of DJing or producing more, and why?
I prefer to produce. It’s a lot of fun to produce something that I think is really cool with my own hands, and I enjoy just laying down breakbeats. I think that Jungle music is somewhere where I can test my own sense of style because it is so very simple.
I really like the feeling of being able to experiment.

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Tell us about the Tribal Connection Crew.

Tribal Connection is a Jungle party that DJ YAHMAN and I started together in 2009. Parties specializing in Jungle music were rare in Japan in 2009, there were modern Drum & Bass parties, but I think the only parties that focused on Jungle music were Tribal Connection and CHAMPION BASS. CHAMPION BASS was a party hosted by DJ YAHMAN before Tribal Connection, I was a fan and became involved with DJ YAHMAN and Tribal Connection. Currently, in addition to DJ YAHMAN, Taiji Ode, Tenmus and HALU have joined the group, making it a five-person group.

DJ YAHMAN and HALU mainly play new tunes digitally, while myself, Taiji Ode, and Tenmus play rare old school records. We’re the the No. 1 Jungle crew, where you can hear a wide range of Jungle music, from old school to new school.

All great DJs take their listeners on a journey, tell our readers your choice for a great track to start a set with and to end a set with.

This is a very difficult question, my djing depends on the atmosphere of the venue, the time of day, etc. I don’t always have set songs.If I were to answer based on a recent selection,  I started with “Renegade – Something I Feel (2 Bad Mice Remix)” and en ded with “Roni Size – All The Crew ‘Big Up’ (95 Lick)”. Both tunes are masterpieces.

What do you love about vinyl?

I like records because I DJ with them, I like the depth and warmth of the sound, I also like the design of the record jackets and labels. I look for records of songs I like other than Jungle music too.

Jungle Mania Records is my side job, but my main job is Dub Store Sound Inc., a record store that is popular worldwide, where I have worked for about 17 years. I’m a die-hard record lover, who does not reject digital DJs. I think everyone should play what they like.

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How did you first come into contact with Jungle Drum and Bass?

I listened to Soul II Soul when I was a kid, because my parents listened to them. I started listening to House music for a few years, then when I moved to Perth Australia for University, my mates invited me to the club. Two DJs were playing Drum and Bass that night, this is when I met Jungle Drum and Bass. I felt like going into this music at that time. Now I’m so lucky I have Drum and Bass and Jungle in my life.

Tell us about Soul Night Recordings
Soul Night Recordings is a Drum and Bass Label from Tokyo Japan. Started November 2022. The label has released three singles, an EP and a Dubplate. Our first release was the Half Moon Love EP by Leviecta, our second release was entitled, Blood, Sweat and Snares/Heater(Soundsystem) by Hisaki aka Midnight Runner.  The third release is Jazz Mind/Always by Tomoyoshi, then, Golden Ratio by Midnight Runner(12 inch), which is an atmospheric Drum and Bass tune. The fourth release is All Night Long/Hyperdrive by Trash-B. Past releases have different tastes, but all tunes are soulful. I want to make Soul Night releases to have different, soulful vibes. We have a few releases coming soon. I also want to cut a 2nd dubplate this year. I will be organizing a label night at the end of this year or early 2025 in Tokyo, Japan and I want to have a label night in the UK too.
As a label owner what do you consider quality Jungle Drum and Bass?
Drum and Bass has a lot of diversity for one genre. I think one reason is sampling. Sampling can transform an original tune to something different, by sampling a track from a different genre and using it in a Drum & Bass track. One tune that comes to mind, sampled a vocal from Roots Reggae, but the pads sampled an 80’s Jazz tune. Most importantly, we can’t do this without drums and bass.
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